Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 2 ........Radiation

2 down 8 to go  !  got there early today and went pretty much straight in so that was good . I don't know if its in my head(excuse the pun!) or it is a side affect but i don't feel so well about 10 mins after the treatment ,the metalic taste in the mouth is quite strong and i do feel a bit nauseous . I then sleep for awhile when i get home .It seems to pass though and i have had a good evening ,managed to cook a nice dinner and spend  time with Tiare .

I belong to a Fb group and we are all survivors of liposarcoma ,I have 'met'  the first person from NZ who has recetly been diagnosed . funningy enough it worked out we had  noticed each other one day we were at appointments ,but you don't really imagine that the person   cross the room is seein about her treatment for one of the rarest forms of cancer as  well do you/?been lovely meeting her (as it were) and I'm  sur we will make the best out of being in this exclusive   club of ours! nd i hope i can be of some help to her .  

Sorry typing not good tonight!!!  i just tried spell check again ,but nope ,still NOT HAppening!. Its bit like when i think about driving ,i honestly giggle and its not really funny at all ,but i have no idea how to drive still!!  I must sit in mums tomrrow and see what my feet do!!  Weird really weird huh!    Oh and i'm NOT enjoying the no makeup ! I don't    even look in the mirror now  ! I didnt evn wear a lot ,you know ,but hard to break a 30 odd year habit i guess!  Id put a pic up but seriously it aint beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Spelling is fine. I'm sitting in front of a mirror with no make-up on. Scary! That's awesome you've found someone going through the same thing so close to you :) xoxo


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