Friday, 6 January 2012

5 hours sleep !! yay

lol ,the things I get excited about !  I  setteled in at 1.30 am as usual this morning to watch the movie on vibe ,as I  do every morning   ,next thing I knew it was 5 am and I  turned of the tv and slept till 8 !!  missed pill time ,but, oh sleep glorious sleep   !

Day 3 of radiation yesterday ,had the usual instant headache about 10 mins after treatment and a sleep ,but the nausea wasn'
t too bad ,I  talked to the radiologist as I thought it was too early for side affects but she said they probablably are,and anyway if one of them is sleeping I 'm okay with that .Not that I want to sleep my days away I don't ,too much to do, but after being so sleep deprived for so long it's good for my   health to have more rest .I am even making proper rest times ,like a little old nana lol  !but it does help ,and now I'm reading again its nice to drift off for a while after a few chapters .  

My roses have gone mad!   I 'm picking  them everyday ,its so nice having flowers in the house all the time ,I spent some time in the garden yesterday ,tidying up and looking at my lawn which needs mowing desperatley ,my student is away so will have to wait till he's back unless some kind son in law comes and does it for me lol! although he's away too . 

So this rain ! , I couldn't believe it when I  woke this morning ,where is Summer??? I 've been quite down at times about going through all this in the hols but I   have so much  sympathy for those who have worked hard all year and now they cant enjoy their time off without rain ,rain ,rain!   and typically it will be hot ,and stunning blue sky's ,when the children go back to school!

Also  thoughts to Christchurch  people ,now they do have it hard ,they have been plagued by more aftershocks over the last week or so ,and by all accounts a bad night last night . I really don't know how they do it ,I  go on another message board at times where there are quite a few ladies from there and their amazing attitude and the way they handle it all blows me away .These are young women mostly with young children , I really do take my hat(scarf) ! off to them .  So lots of good vibes to all of you in Christchurch . 

Well the child is still asleep ,mind you another late night for him,  I'm dreading school starting as I'
ve got to get him into a routine  again .  I have let him get away with lots! and I guess have given my control away,  we had an argument at 11 last night as he thought he'
d go on the computer! I did put my foot down ! I do not like late night rows like that ,it's  up to me to put it right . A lot of it goes back to his dad dying too ,he got through a lot of bad times by diverting his attention (,stopping bad thought  guess ) with his games and dvd's etc and as a mum you don't want them upset so I let it go a lot as long as we talked about M,
I thought it was okay ,but I realise now we probably diverted too much and this habit is still here 2 years later . 

Have a lovely weekend all, in spite of the grey skies AGAIN!!

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