Thursday, 22 December 2011

Xmas eve, eve !

I think xmas eve, eve has a proper name but I can't think of it .  I hope everyone is not too stressed and looking forward to  xmas day .

My J came home just after midnight this morning ,it was so good to see him .We talked till nearly 2 this morning so he is having  sleep in ,he says he's ususally up by 7 but he is going on his time ! We are off shopping this morning so i'll have to start getting them up soon .

So  lovely to connect with two  ladies who have had /brain tumours ,whilst reading their blogs I don't know how many times I said to myself 'yes  I can relate to that ,or' thats just how I felt ' .Thankyou ladies it was great to ''meet you '' .

I'm still headcahe free ,I did n't really want to go back on the dex agaain ,but it was neccesary ,it's onl 1 mg ,I can go up to 2 but this is working fine ,I do have an appetite again but I hardly ate for a couple of days when  I had the bad heads, so it is ok as I'm really trying to eat lots of veges and healthy food as it's so important for general health

 wating to open

the new rose bush .

hurry up tomatos!

hanging basket ,not hanging ! will hang it up on xmas day

here's a few pics of my garden ,there has been so much growth with all the rain we had . My rose has a wee way to go to open I realised when I looked at it again . Have a lovely and stress free day.

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