Monday, 12 December 2011

Taking the leap .......

I had my Pathology results back today ,it  was confirmed the brain  tumour was  metastasis from the liposarcoma   ,which didn't suprise me at all .It's what I have always thought ,so now it' really is about taking that big leap of faith and trust it doesn't come back .The resection appparently worked and they did get it all ,yay!  of course there is  downside ,and I am going to have to have Radiation Therapy ,but I  always said I would take all preventative measures offered ,so I'll wait for theletter and keep on keeping on .

I had another tantrum today,I 'm getting so sick of them, I stormed out of my Doctors ,I went to get my stitches out , My doctors is probably one of the worst in regards to waiting times ,but after monthly visists for 2 years I had kinda got used to it ,I  would make a morning of it by going to the library and stop at a fave cafe for a coffee whilst waiting ,sometimes for over an hour ,   I'd of make the best out of the situation ....anyway today I warned the nurse my patience is very limited and to just start on the stitches without the my gp looking at wound(It has healed beautifully ,bald but beautiful!) .
She insisted on wating for gp and as  I said ,I stormed out after managing 45  mins , I said to Mum  ,I'm going,  I guess I wasnt too bad as I saw the  look of trepidation on Mum' face waiting for me to explode. So I just walked out the door . Now I've got to go back, I know that , but I will be putting in a complaint ,oh   ,and 2 other patients had already complained . Just had a thought, maybe they won't want me back. I  havent  received a phone call, so will ring them in the morning .I have only stayed there as the gp genuinely is a very caring ,good gp ,but over booking and poor time management by her and her staff is not conducive to the well being of her clients .As a nurse I can see all sides ,so its a shame 

I have decorated my tree! but it's still not fully done so won't be putting up any pics yet! I'm happy with it so far though and the lounge is starting to take shape ,it is so nice looking at the fairy lights  twinkling .  I 've added quite a bit of red too and coping with it rather well!  So that was my day ,full of the usual dramas that I seem to have or create !! brain tumours huh?  .

I must go back and get some more of these cute little tins ,nice for a little gift  .I of course want to keep this one !

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