Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Hello my other half !!!!!!!!!

I found the other half of me !   I folded the washing NORMALLY !  usually I fold everything on my left ,get up and put it away and leave a pile on the right ,and discover it all when i walk back into the room ,well i was sitting there and i reaslised i was picking up clothes ,folding them ,placing them on the floor then reaching out for more ,all to the right! oh what a feeling that was ,the dawning realisation that such a normal sort of task was well, normal!    and i did much the same with my right for most of the day . So So pleased that this has come back  to almost full function .

Guess what ,i have done the garage .  I was very motivated this morning and started early before mum picked me up to do my groceries . It  was easy although i had a big mess in the corner right up to the end of the day ,again i spent a lot of time shifting it all around ,falling over it and generally getting very annoyed ,I Know i had frustration written all over my face .It was to do with all my retro kitchenalia ,i thougth i had to display it and i was really irritated because i really didn't want to but again i couldn't connect the two processes  ,again i finally said to my self ,'put in the storage area ' so off i went at full speed then as it all became clear , Gee  only took 5 hours or so ! talk about eye roll ! so heres some pics ,still lots to fuss around with and it really does need painting which i will have to ask someone nicely to help or I'll be off up ladders, falling off ladders and paint will be spread into next week!  ........ OOh  thats right my son  J is a painters apprentice now ,he he , and when he comes from Aussie this is what he'll be doing lol ,it was so funny when i mentioned it to him , he laughed and said "um mum ,i can do it ,i am a painter now you know !    such a honey that boy of mine ,did i mention how i can't wait to see him? i can't wait ,J is my xmas boy we have always loved doing xmas together even now he's 18   ! he's always been my best xmas present when he comes home . right i'll stop gonig on ,god i go off into a tangent at times dont i ssh kim get on with it !

So at last huh , i think i'm happy with it for now ,who knows may hate it all again tomorrow but i have made a list of things i need to get for the laundry area, those shelves , another table, as the one by the cane thingy is actually T's  toy drawers ! ,i think ,dont know what to do there yet apart from paint .  The floor has a terrible lean to it to so its hard to get things straight looking ! and crooked anything does my head in at the moment !  oh and a day bed . then the loft bit which i'm really looking froward to doing ,i actually have that all planned .no rush for that tho prob not till after the xmas hols.  Well its bedtime ,I'm  nicely tired ,had a horror hour at pill time tonight  waiting for them to kick in and I was in quite a bit of pain ,in fact i hurt everywhere for awhile ,i cried in the shower because i realised how much i was sore . all the head scar ,im covered in blimmin cuts and bruises all the time from stumbling and falling  ,sorry sounds like a pity party ,   it's not,  its just how it is ,  and it catches up with me every now and then ,but that's what pain relief is for! so once that kicks in its  all okay again ,and there is so much to be grateful for nearly every min of the day ,thats the focus ,thats what gets one to wellness .   Ka Kite .

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