Thursday, 8 December 2011

50 First Dates ........

Do you remember that movie ? with Drew Barrymore ?  I was thinking about it early this morning when i read back what i had written last night . i had repeated my self re the right sided thing  ! hadn't even realised till then!  i didn't seem to make that big a deal of it the first time either he he ..yet the second time was like a miracle ! gosh i had a giggle because i remembered that movie . It  really is like that some days ,like ,i got a new phone a few weeks before the op ,to me ,a phone is
 necessary etc but
I didn't really care about all the bells and whistles  ,anyway, when i was in hospital i discovered one night what it could do ,its connected to Face book!  well i knew that ,but it didn't really register as that great or anything ,well i had a ball with the thing ,got excited as i realised i could update my status etc, sent photos of myself to everyone and generally replayed all my days (lol i must have bored or driven people insane !  I have pretty much done the same ever since,  along with my blog, which very few of my family and friends know about  . this is more personal to me being a record of my feelings as well . Heck I have now lost my train of thought .....oh yes the phone , now I'm back using the PC ,i hardly use the mobile!  i use the land line but the mobile ,I forget i have it ,it ususally in my bag or the dsek drawer  and this is the 50 first dates thing  ,i see it and i get all excited about it All over again ! i think oooh thats right the phone !! and i take it out and read the 50 ! messages and voice mails ,start reading the texts ,most saying 'do you ever have your phone with you ?  um yes just not all  the time he he and promptly pop it back into the drawer/bag and forget about it all over again!  so there are some of my 50 first date type moments .I do also have to say the day first thing or i wake up thinking its Saturday ,,its always Saturday ! unless i do.why Saturday,? possibly because its my fav day of the  week ,i do remember that !I  had a lovely day today too ,more gardening and tyding up out the back of the garage ,it looks so much better ,its not the most attractive of areas, usual, for these types of units. i was worried about my dex reduction day ,but apart from feeling unwell a bit at lunch time ,after a lie down i came right again and thats a bit of a first having a lie down ,i dont at all ususally ,although i told mum i do  ,mainly because people expect you to rest ,but the pills dont enable much restfulness,a main reason why its good not to be on them too long .   here some pics of today,at last some daylight ones! It was a gorgeous sunny warm day today.   Well i'm ready to wind down for the night ,early for me so that's good!  mind you i've said THAT before .

practicing for my wooden ladder !

ooh look there's miss chubby!

toward the back door

newly potted impatients from cuttings

newly cleaned door!!

the whole back


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