Tuesday, 22 November 2011

oops ,sent that too soon!!!

he ehe there i go ,finger and thumbs!!!!!!    heres my mornig pics of my roses ,

well that sme for the day,im tired tonign so hoefull of a good sleep1 ,have shopping to do tomorrow ,which takes a lot out of me ,a bit of sensory overload i think! hope im all fixed up for xmas shopping or there could be a few strange gifts!!!!!!!


  1. I love your photos!! Good luck with the Christmas shopping, I better get onto it! xo

  2. thank u for taking the time to coment ,ive forgotten how to follow blogs can somone help m lol yr blog is fab .

  3. aw thank you. You just click follow on the google friend connect box. Like the one on your page that shows the followers :)


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