Monday, 21 November 2011


can't sleep 2    nite  ,worried a bout about op ,been able to push it to the back of my mind mostly ,i guess im a bit overtired,slept 4 anhour or so this fternoo ,and wnen i fall asleep i have falling dreams,i guess its the tumour causing the floating sensation ,weirdest feeling ever! like im floating away .scary!  im of sick my wordes all coming out wrong ,makes me giggle at times ,and i shudn!  this is so hard to read it dose my head in! it looks rite in my head !!   i mustconnect up to others like me ,or maybe tat would be too scary !   i will d o a little search soon  ,took some more pics ,in fact i hav e taken lots ,they calm me and make me happy ,didn't no i could find this beauty every where ,my sense r so heighhtend i thik cos of the tumor and poss the medication .oh well ill go with it cos it may not last!!     i got some lovely flowers for my 49th birthday on saturday,in fact i aws quite spoiled ,my lovely friends and family treated me likd a queen 4 most of the day or shud i say when i got too tired ! i have to keep apologising to poeple as i tire and get irritable !! they r getting used to grumpy me!!    well guess uts time to try abd rest me poor brain lol  ,feeling sleepy sort of !!   luck i can still read a little so i will try that. im busy 2 morrow organising my garage im making it into a  display, exta room type thing ,its going to take me a few days.will take pics to show my progress!! nite nite .

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